About The Jewish Inspiration Foundation

About The Jewish Inspiration Foundation

Our Programs

The Jewish Inspiration Foundation’s mission is to inspire and empower Jewish children, teens and adults. All our programs have children with physical challenges paired with individuals who will assist the athletes through real live events. The list of events that we take our athletes through are but not limited to- SPARTAN, 5K, 10K , Half Marathons and Monthly community building workouts. These meaningful events will offer the opportunity for all participants to inspire and be inspired as they complete the entire event.

YOU HEARD US RIGHT!! We will have teams take a kid or teen with disabilities through an actual SPARTAN RACE!! 20 obstacles over the span of 3 miles in Florida’s deep swamp, didn’t stop our athletes from becoming Spartan Race Warriors. Regardless of their physical challenges, they are assisted by teammates who help them through this very challenging race. Our success in Florida is allowing us to expand to other Spartan Races in the USA.

Our athletes get the opportunity to complete various distant races. Just to name a few that they have completed; Ft Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon, RunDisney princess Half Marathon and the 10k, as well as our very own Purim 5k Dash!

The foundation runs a once monthly training workout that leads up to race day that implements life lessons, healthy mindsets and obstacle mindset training. In addition to those workouts we train some of our athletes at a ninja gym to further build their self-confidence.

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Our Founder

Michael Neuman is a Psychotherapist who dedicates his time to building the JIfoundation community. Michael is an accomplished athlete and brings his vast experience to help train the JIFoundation athletes. He won CBS’s Million Dollar Mile while proudly wearing his yarmulke in a competition against a pro athlete, a show produced by Lebron James. His story went viral in the Jewish community appearing in over 200 media outlets. Michael is a ranked Pro Spartan Racer and became the first Orthodox Jew to be placed in the prestigious podium in a Spartan race as well as competing in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championships London. Michael has also appeared on season 15 of American Ninja Warrior.

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